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7 months ago Jatheish says : "Hey guys,

We're still aware of the D3D device issue and it's on our internal task list to resolve, unfortunately, I don't really have an update other than that but once I start iterating with an engineer directly on the issue. I'll respond back to this thread, and may end up asking some of you to directly working with us 1:1 on getting to a solution. I understand it's frustrating, and I appreciate your patience. Please keep providing info regarding crash if you think it's relevant, I appreciate the responses and the workarounds too as it may help us identify the problem. "

"Players who are getting D3D Device Lost Error should try running with "-norhithread" in launch arguments "

" what does this command "-norhithread" do?

It turns off RHI (Render Hardware Interface) parallel threads in the underlining Unreal Engine

From the Unreal Engine posts:

"The RHI thread is a new development so hasn't been documented yet. Some part of the renderer's work is visibility and scene traversal, and the rest of the work is submitting RHI commands (sending commands to the graphics hardware). With the parallel rendering work, we're trying to split that work onto as many cores as possible. Visibility stays on the rendering thread. Scene traversal has been moved onto multiple threads with a task system.

But here's the problem - d3d11 has botched parallel command submission. It's much faster to submit all commands from one thread, and this thread used to be the rendering thread. This is where the RHI thread comes in, it allows us split Visibility and RHI command submission onto two different threads in d3d11" "


7 months ago

How do you add this command to your game, you ask?

Open your STEAM client, and view ARK: Survival Evolved in your Library. Right-click the game's listing for ARK: Survival Evolved, and select 'Properties'. In the new window, under the first tab (General), click the button labeled "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS" Copy and paste the above argument "-norhitread" (do not use the "quotes") Select "Ok" and launch your game!


6 months ago

I ended up having to roll my nvidia graphics drivers back in order to get Ark to be playable for myself again without crashing every 5 minutes. Hope this helps anyone!

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